D263136 – I290 Over Parker Avenue

The I-290 Project D263136 is a Bridge Rehabilitation F.A. Project involving two bridges (I-290 over Parker Boulevard and I-290 over Sheridan Drive), North of Buffalo in the Towns of Tonawanda and Amherst in Erie County. All field work completed by Hohl Industrial Services Inc. will be completed with Union Labor. The Project scope includes steel repairs, railing and sign replacements, bearing replacements, expansion joint replacement, and painting.  Also included is curb repair, deck and approach slab/asphalt  repair/replacement. This work will affect traffic patterns and consists of work at the I-290 elevation requiring lane closures, and also work at the Parker and Sheridan roadway requiring reduced lanes and lane closures. The steel repairs will mainly consist of web reinforcing of the Girder ends with new bolted web plates, bottom flange cover plate end reinforcement, girder web and flange replacement, diaphragm connection replacement/reinforcement. The steel repairs also consist of girder bearing replacement requiring structural lifts of the bridge girders, and diaphragm removal/reinstallation for girder web repairs, and a few diaphragm replacements. The concrete repairs mainly consist of concrete repairs at the bridge fascia-abutments- and piers, girder bearing pedestal reconstruction, expansion joint, asphalt and curb repairs, and deck and approach slab repairs. Work is expected to take place in 2016 and 2017, completing by Dec 01, 2017.